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River transport is one of the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly alternative transport routes to Central and Eastern Europe.

Through the connection that the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal provides between the Black Sea (the port of Constanta) and the North-West of Europe, through the connection with the intermodal transport network at European level, the Danube represents a structure of resistance on which freight transport can develop. coming from the Far East, with the destination of central Europe.

The advantages of river transport on the Danube:

  • It offers the shortest transport route for goods arriving in Constanţa port and destined for Central and Eastern Europe.
  • There are a small number of locks;
  • Alternative transport environmentally friendly (ecological), represents a positive mode of transport in relation to external factors;
  • It represents a viable mode of transport for any type of goods / product, because it operates on the principle - just in time, guaranteeing large transport capacities to central Europe, not currently used (compared to the road mode);
  • It is part of the European articular transport system, from a network that integrates the whole of Europe;
    Provides integrated solutions and represents an important segment in the transport and supply chain;
  • It represents an alternative mode of transport to central Europe, offering a number of environmental, efficiency and cost advantages as compared to road transport;
  • It is a reliable and sustainable mode of transport;

Global Fast Logistic collaborates with a large number of Romanian and foreign shipowners, and offers its customers competitive rates, availability of space and equipment in several loading ports, at any time.

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Due to the low price of river transport compared to other transport categories, it is especially suitable for bulk (such as: coal, coke, ore, gravel, cereals, sugar beet, etc.).

The transport of one tonne of freight is more convenient, the greater the distance to travel. Both solid and liquid goods are transported by river.

The goods are transported with barges (barges) and cargoes (vessels without own propulsion towed by tugs).

Global Fast Logistic provides with its partners the port and handling services required for river transport:

  • Formation and deployment of convoys of unpowered vessels,
  • Entering and removing from / from loading / unloading operations to port docks)
  • Shipbuilding, Surveillance and assistance of ships stationed in the harbor
  • Transportation documentation

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