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Freight air transport - is the fastest way of transporting goods in a defined period of time, on a specific route. Global Fast Logistic supports clients not only with specialized personnel, but also with air transport consulting services.

Global Fast Logistic provides global air freight (import / export) services serving the most important business centers in the world. Through the growing global air freight network, we respond promptly to the difficult needs of your supply chain.

  • Our team of professionals helps you to personalize and optimize international air freight with a complete portfolio of services:
  • Pick-up and delivery options from the consignee to the sender, in the airport-airport version as well as corresponding tariff options.
  • Transport consolidation and delivery services directly to the consignee.
  • Competitive air freight services.

Value-added services provide flexibility to meet your global business needs:

  • Traceability of transports
  • Updated information on local and regional markets.
  • Insurance of goods.
  • Customs brokerage included or at your choice.
  • Multiple flexible trans shipment and distribution options.
  • Exception reports in transit.

Our Solutions

Airport-to-Airport and Door–to-Door

  • First available flight (NFO) - Urgent freight solution - Using the first available flight with the fastest connections to the final destination
  • Cargo consolidations - Transport for general goods with a transit time between 24 and 48 hours airport-airport, between the main air hubs;
  • Charter flights - Recommended solution for very urgent, heavy and bulky transports;
  • Express Cargo Delivery - Door-to-Door express services for international deliveries of documents and parcels
  • Courier - On Board Courier - Use of a secure and fast solution for small and very urgent shipments.

Custom Air Freight

Global Fast Logistic provides customers with customized air transport services, maximizing transit time flexibility and reducing full service costs, using regional access points and multiple daily and weekly transport options.

  • Transport of valuables (jewelry, banknotes, antiques, etc.)
  • Medical Equipment Transport (medicines, vaccines, test samples, etc.)
  • Transport of Fragile Products (Electronics, Glass / Crystal products, Cars, etc.)
  • Dangerous Goods Air Transport (DGR)
  • Road Freight Air Transport (RFS) from Romania
  • Air Transport with Controlled Temperature

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